Announced: Wed, Jan 11, 2017

New Tourism Region Forms in Western Alberta

David Thompson Country is Alberta’s newest tourism region, formed and named through the joint efforts of the Town of Rocky Mountain House, the Village of Caroline, and Clearwater County. 

David Thompson’s name has historical significance for this region for his mapping of the area for both the North West Company and the Hudson Bay Company. He, and the Metis Voyageurs with him, represent adventurers or explorers who come to the area to renew their spirit through experiencing the challenge of water, wildlife, and wilderness unique to David Thompson Country.  The tourism region’s tagline, Challenge Your Inner Explorer, emphasizes that the natural beauty and landscape of the area also provides challenges for those who wish to push themselves to a new level.

David Thompson Country is a large area, covering more than 18,000 square kilometers, with many well-known attractions, including Nordegg, Crimson Lake, Burnstick Lake and the Bighorn Back Country. 

Thousands of campers, hikers, mountain bikers and kayakers come to the area every year, and the region’s tourism industry plans to use the new name to better promote its existing features and help individuals and businesses market themselves and each other. The new brand makes talking about the region easier for tourists and business owners alike, allowing for the sharing of their experiences with others.   

“We are very excited to promote David Thompson Country to our many visitors,” said Pat Alexander, Reeve of Clearwater County. “Early explorers like David Thompson represent over 200 years of history where explorers travelled here, using the North Saskatchewan waters, to investigate the Howse Pass and the Rocky Mountains --- their discoveries set the stage for our communities to become what they are today.”

“Not only does the brand remind tourists about what they enjoy most when they visit our great backyard, we are working towards showcasing our natural advantages to people around the world,” said Rachele Peters, Mayor of the Village of Caroline.

“We all know how great it is to live, work and play here,” said Fred Nash, Mayor of the Town of Rocky Mountain House. “Naming the area after an adventurous, historical figure like David Thompson helps us show everyone why this is such a remarkable place to visit - if you can’t live here all year round,”

The David Thompson Country Tourism Group is in the process of developing a regional tourism website, and has already started a Facebook page and YouTube Channel.  The website will help tourists plan their visits with information on activities, events, and places to stay.